[SERIES] Last Elevator intro

Author: eLLaWeasley

Casts: SHINee and eLLa

Support Cast: Jessica, Siwon, Doojoon, UKISS, BEAST and A**Generation

Genre: Family, Friendship and Romance

Rating: T

Length: Series

Nb: yeahhh finally I can post my first fan fiction ever. Please give me your comments about this story hehehe DON’T BE A SILENT READER JEBAL!!!! Some part of the story is really happen in my life so I hope you guys will like my story ^^


Author POV

I feel calm

I feel happy

I feel perfect

Because my dreams come true


One day,

I feel something different.

You come in my life without hesitation

You change my life from the ordinary into the extraordinary

And it makes me crazy

I want to stop it but you never listen


Because I just realize that you are different


And you try to hide it from me

Seoul, summer time.

“noooona!!!!! Please always remember us,”

Mereka tidak mengetahui bahwa tanpa pemberitahuan dari mereka pun, aku tak akan pernah melupakan mereka. 7 bulan hidup ku di sini ku jalani bersama2 dengan mereka. Pertanyaan ku sekarang adalah apakah mereka akan terus mengingat ku atau adakah orang yg akan menggantikan diri ku di hati mereka setelah kepergian ku ini.

That’s the disturbing question that comes into my mind and makes me want to come back to them, but my time is over. I need to continue my life and their also, I hope I can meet people like them again in the future.

“Goodbye, guys!!! I will always miss you and hope we will meet again.”


About ellaweasley

love all about KOrea and must travel there someday..
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